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What is WAP? Why WAP? And why all the hype around WAP?

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK (September 8, 1999) - Following the success of WAP.dk, the Danish Wireless Internet Community site, Angelica Wireless today opened a new international version at WAPNet.com. This neutral web site will provide expert answers to the exploding number of questions related to the new Wireless Internet technology. The site is targeted at users of WAP devices, developers and others with interest in this rapidly growing technology and market.

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK (September 8, 1999) - WAPNet.com is also meant as a showcase for new possibilities presented to the end-user by the new WAP technology. Visitors can read the latest news, and create their own WAP site by downloading one of the new WAP SDKs (Software Developer Kit) or look up the new technology terms in the online glossary. Learning and entertainment options are provided through the WAPNet Quiz, and by participation in the WAPNet Discussion Forum.

Angelica Wireless believes that there is a demand for creating a global community around the emerging WAP technology. There is currently more than 200 million mobile phone users, many of which will be future users of the Wireless Internet within a few years. Angelica Wireless intends to help this transition by educating a broad range of users, developers and businesses in taking right approach to this huge new market.

Angelica Wireless is a leading developer of Wireless Internet products, and has been active in WAP technology development since the foundation of the WAP Forum in 1997. AW has a strong base of expertise within the new Wireless Internet technologies; in particular in-depth knowledge of the WAP technology, detailed insight in several WAP platforms and a good understanding of the components needed to create and distribute an end-to-end Wireless Internet service. AW also runs WAPNET.COM the information site about WAP. More information: http://www.angelica.dk, http://www.wapnet.com, .

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